Why we are worth it

Fact 1: We actually operate our own temperature controlled facilities

Don’t you think its strange that none of our competitors want you to see their facilities? As a valued customer, you’re more than welcome to come over and check for yourself what we do and where we do it. After all, we REALLY do have new, secure and temperature controlled facilities of our own – not some corner in someone else’s warehouse.

Fact 2: Our competitors love the Start Up culture and constantly show off as tech companies

Klosit is a logistics company with a website – and NOT the other way around. Did you know that on average, 90% of startups fail within one year? Your possessions are priceless – don’t trust your goods to Start Ups!

Fact 3: Although a new company itself, Klosit is like a Mom & Pop family business

The owners have over 35 years experience in logistics… we’ll be here in the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years… its what we do… your goods are safe with us!

Fact 4: Charities: Klosit believes in giving – we simply choose not to use this as a marketing ploy

You will never see any advertising from us on this front. You may however see something pop up discreetly from time-to-time. We believe that the most sincere philanthropists give for the simple reason of making a difference – NOT to promote their businesses or themselves…