What to store


Whether if you’re a budding fashionista, new parents or an urban professional, our valet cloud storage system has all your bases covered. Discover how we can help you clear up clutter, free up room and create space that is both effortless and affordable.
  • Ben Archibong


    the fashionista

    create a limitless wardrobe

    Hitting up the hottest fashion weeks around the globe, it is no question that Rebecca has a passion for fashion. Even for the most creative fashionista, getting ready can be time-consuming when your closet is mixed with Spring’s hottest cropped tops and Fall’s patterned coats. That’s why Rebecca turned to us to store away some of her precious treasures and free up her closet. Whether it’s a seasonal cleaning or making way for the new, our services are convenient and efficient for any fashion forward individual. And if you’re worried about your valuables, rest assured that our highly secure, temperature-controlled storage is your best bet to keep your Louboutins and Kotur clutches safe and sound.



    the urban professional

    grow the library of knowledge

    We know you’ve got another law school exam or accounting certification around the corner just like Robert, but once you pass with flying colors, let us help you store away those old textbooks to make room for new ambitions. Better yet, have you been thinking about freeing up some space at your work desk? Robert turned to us to bring a box to his office and he packed away items he didn’t need in the near future but may return to later. From a few extra ties to that old version of iPad and his textbooks from exams aced, there are always benefits to life feeling a little more free and organized. Why not let us fit into your busy working schedule with a fuss-free valet storage solution today?

  • Ben Archibong

    David & Katie Yu

    the new parents

    cherish the early memories

    As parents, David and Katie watched their first-born go from crawling to walking in what seemed like a matter of minutes. All of those baby playsuits and cute little moccasins were no longer fitting and when finger-paintings became a thing of the past, the couple wanted a space to cherish the memories they first created together as a family. That’s where we come into play; allowing for more room in their home to create new memories, while keeping the old ones alive. Our accessible and simple storage services don’t require the rental of an entire unit, making us the perfect choice for young families and parents. And who knows? Baby number two may come along sooner than they think.

  • Ben Archibong


    the DIY builder

    build something from nothing

    Kevin loves to create, repair and get his hands dirty. With sawdust, hammers and power tools, his creations have been featured not only in his own home, but in the home’s of family and friends alike. His knack for building from scratch means that he’s accumulated more than a closet full of old hammers, screwdrivers and power tools along the way. If you’re anything like Kevin and can’t help the urge to create, we have got your back. So go ahead and get that new drill or motorized saw that you’ve always wanted- we can store away the version 1.0 and help you build the strongest toolshed for your best crafts.

  • Gemma Yau


    the housewife

    keep your life in perfect order

    Jenny spends most mornings whipping up the most nutritious and delicious breakfasts for her family and keeping her household in total order. Her evenings are spent cooking her famous sticky chicken wings and tucking her children soundly into bed. What’s her secret in maintaining this perfect home? The luxury of space and a clean household clear of clutter. Our convenient valet storage makes Jenny’s everyday as seamless as it should be. Created to keep you in touch with the belongings that you may not always need, our system is simple. If you’re anything like Jenny, with the desire to give your family and home the best care you can, we’ve got you covered.

  • Arnold Barsha


    the bachelor

    surprises at every turn

    Keiji may think he has it all – a jaw dropping apartment, a successful job and ladies to dine with him in the city’s trendiest restaurants – but he has a dark secret that nobody knows. Behind the sleek cabinet doors of his minimalistic apartment lays a sentimental collection of old mix tapes, leather jackets, model cars, letters from his parents and more from his college days. While he enjoys taking trips down memory lane, we’ve helped Keiji in clearing out the space in his pantry to make room for his new hobby, cooking. The outwardly tough bachelor is definitely not all he seems and we’ve made sure his fondest memories are kept safe and sound within our temperature-controlled and 24-7 monitored facilities. With our quick pick-up and efficient storage system, it’s the perfect service for even the busiest of bachelors.