Packing for Klosit

Using Klosit’s storage in a cloud may be your best move to date.

If you don’t know what to do with that empty box that has arrived at your doorstep, we’ve got some top tips for how to pack your things efficiently and effectively.

Arrange your things

Take what you’d like to store and create cohesive piles for things you might be looking to have back at the same time. So don’t go packing those winter thermals with your favorite bikinis.

Pack with care

To reduce the chance of damaging your valuables, pack the softer items around the edges of your box to protect your fragile items from damage. Make sure to distribute the weight of your things evenly in the boxes. Remember, a box full of books is not going to be good for your back.

Organize a pickup

After you’ve finished packing your boxes, simply schedule online or give us a call to arrange a free pickup service and our driver will take them to our secure storage facilities for safekeeping.


A few extra tricks…

Snap a photo of your box before it gets sealed so you will know what’s inside without opening it.
Pack your boxes full so your things won’t shift around while in transit. Using cardboard partitions does the trick as well.
Use vacuum-sealed bags to maximize the storage of duvets, pillows and your favorite winter sweaters.
Surround your breakable items with soft clothes, blankets and that quilt that grandma made for you.
If you’re a packing aficionado, you’ll know that rolling your clothes and blankets will help you save time and allow for more space.